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Silhouette TNG
Product Detail:

All Silhouette eyewear, offered by Vision Glasses, are authentic designer glasses and come with Silhouette case and cleaning cloth. The Silhouette sunglasses offer full UV protection.

Retail Price: $270.00
Our Price: $199.99


  Frame and Lens Information  Glossary
Colors (left to right):
Prescription Details:
  Sphere Cylinder Axis ADD
Pupillary Distance: (Optional)
Lens Type
Lens Material:
Options: Lens Upgrade:

For Transition Only:

For Tint Only:

Additional Information:
(if any)

Anti-Reflective Coating
Eliminates glare and reflections. For computers and night driving.

Allows the main lens to be used for normal, distance vision and the smaller lower lens to be used for reading. The most popular bifocals are FT-28, a flat-top bifocal with the 28 mm wide lower lens.

CR-39 Plastic lenses
Most common material. For prescriptions less than -2.50 or +2.50.

Hi Index 1.67
Thinnest lens available. Ideal for prescriptions above -4.00.

Hi Index 1.71
The thinnest and most light-weight lenses currently available--practically half the thickness of standard plastic lenses, and 40% lighter.

Reduces reflected glare from snow and water. Best sunglasses.

Light and thin. Impact resistant. For kids and safety glasses.

Lenses that are designed to correct your distance, intermediate and near vision while wearing only one pair of glasses. The lens thickness and focal length change gradually in the bottom quarter.

Progressive, Varilux
The #1 progressive lenses prescribed by eyecare professionals around the World. Varilux lenses are the most technologically advanced lens design available for people a progressively diminished ability to focus on near objects with age.

Lens coloring. Lighter, fashion tints are used primarily for cosmetic purposes to enhance a wearer's looks. Darker tints allow the wearer to use the lenses as sunglasses.

Transition Lenses
Lenses that are clear indoors and at night but automatically adjust their level of tint to changing light conditions outdoors.

Lightest of all lens material with exceptional optical performance and impact resistance.


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